I like to call myself a “multidisciplinary UX designer”, which is pretty redundant. I'm open to suggestions for better titles.

What I really mean is that I know how to work with a bunch of tools (UX/code/motion/graphic/3D/etc). I’m coming to realise that more than the tools, I’m fond of bringing an experimental (mindset/approach) to a commercial (scale/impact) using UX design as a medium. This means approaching problems like teaching visual arts to the blind from a speculative design perspective, while grounding it in the urgency of the present situation.

Dissecting problems and questioning every step of the design process is my bread and butter. New media is my butter knife. My mind is a toaster. This analogy is falling apart. My legal surname is Bhattacharjee, but I prefer Bhattacharya because it’s one letter shorter. I (will do/am doing) something cool.